Saturday, November 19, 2016

Station St

Clear blue skies have been a bit scarce of late in Melbourne. So maybe it's the novelty value but I thought it made a nice backdrop for the interesting architecture along the top of these houses in Station St, Carlton North. You don't see this on the Sunshine Coast. (Although you do see plenty of blue skies!)

PS. I think this one might actually be on Canning st, which is on the way to Station st and where I got the idea to take this series of photos.

Friday, November 18, 2016


I have a sentimental attachment to these flowers. Memories of carefree childhood days that seemed to last forever. When the only thing you had to worry about was having to eat your vegetables for dinner. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Walk in the Sunshine

A day off. Or, a non-teaching day. Usually a day to work from home. But the sun was shining and there was a warm breeze. Earlier in the week I managed to lodge my overdue BAS, send an overdue print order, and mark overdue assignments. So I was feeling pretty accomplished. All the other jobs on the list weren't overdue, so I ignored them and went for a walk in the sunshine. After such an extended winter, one really needs to get out and make the most of days like these. My Fuji XT-2 had arrived back from the repair shop after the shutter jammed, and I was keen to give it a whirl.

I wanted to check on the bluebells to see if they were flowering, and there were two art galleries I wanted to go to. One in Fitzroy and one in Collingwood. I almost talked myself out of it with crazy thinking. First thought was, should I walk or go for a bike ride. I have my daughters bike after mine was stolen. I spent $90 getting it serviced and haven't ridden it. I'm worried it is too small for me so I need to test it out before I head off to work on it. But there are landscapers working in the front yard so it will be tricky getting out past them. And what shoes will I wear? For some reason, this seemed to be a big decision that I couldn't settle on at the time. My head is my worst enemy sometimes with the tricks it plays on me. Anyway, I managed to get dressed and put some shoes on (it's not like it's an Imelda Marcos decision. I only had two pair to choose from!) and decided to walk so I could take photos along the way. Mind you, it was mid afternoon by this time. No backing out now though.

The roses are simply magnificent at the moment. One of the many things I love about Melbourne is the front gardens spilling onto the footpath. So different to Queensland.

This was a bit of a rare find. A Leucadendron? It seems pretty happy growing here.

I took a series of photos along Station St of the tops of the houses. They contrasted strongly against the blue of the sky and the sun was hitting them front on. I'll share the rest in another post otherwise I'd end up with 50 photos in this one.

 And the best news is that the Bluebells were out in full flower. The bad news was that the light was really harsh by this time and I didn't have the dslr with the macro lens with me. But they're not far from home so I'll come back as soon as I can and hope they're still looking good.

After the Bluebells I wandered down North Fitzroy and found a couple of interesting snippets along the way. I seem to have a thing for letter boxes lately. These two look like guard dogs that are fenced in. Who knew letterboxes could have so much personality.

Speaking of personality...

I was starting to limp by this stage as my dodgy knees were complaining. I gave in and decided to catch a tram. Stopped a while at the tram stop and the tram was delayed so I started walking again.
Still familiarising myself with the fuji buttons and dials to get the settings I want quickly. I missed the first shot I wanted but luckily due to the delayed tram, there was another one right behind it so I got the movement I wanted without having to wait 10minutes for the next tram. (Clue. I wouldn't have waited).

I think this is one of my favourite photos of the day. So simple.

I don't live far from the CCP (Centre for Contemporary Photography) but I don't get there very often. Today was the day I made the effort and guess what.

Never mind, I can come back anytime. I was really on my way to an exhibition in Johnston St. Partly as I have a couple of past students with photos in it, and partly because I'm doing research on group exhibitions to be prepared for the one I'm curating for next year.
Still limping and feeling just a bit 'off' I kept walking. Google maps in hand and up and down the area it indicates. Check the website three times, and I'm buggered if I can find the gallery. Eventually I give up and decide I need a drink and a bite to eat. No gallery art for me today. Back along Johnston st and some interesting looking architecture and more amazing roses. I like the art in public spaces.

To Naked for Satan for a refreshing g & t and some pintxos.

Thus restored, I limp home. With a final photo of some fading daisy's that has some strange appeal to me.

And a lost Deliveroo guy trying to figure out where he's meant to be as he rides through Curtain Square.

 A cuddle with Damascus, a cup of chai with my housemate, a little bit of paperwork and I'm done for the day. 

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Some days...

Some days, I get swamped by sadness. By loneliness. And fear. I vacillate in the middle of fear of being alone and lonely for the rest of my life. And fear of losing myself in a relationship and being devastated again when it ends, which I assume it inevitably will, probably once I start to believe it won’t. As seems to be the way with me. I fear I will never love, or be loved, again. 

The rational side of my thinking recognises how clearly irrational my thinking is. But that doesn’t make the thoughts stop or go away. 

I recognise if this is the worst of my problems then I am a very fortunate person.

And I fear the old saying, ‘if you don’t stop crying I’ll give you something to cry about’.

I am an emotional person. I long to be held. To be understood. To be listened to. To laugh with someone I love. I long for intimacy and connection. Touch and loving. I miss that. 

I yearn. I fear. I yearn. I fear. 
And somewhere in between, I exist. 
I still laugh. I have love of friends and family. I work. I play. I dream. 

And in between, I yearn. And I fear. 

And that is OK.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

This weeks wander

Thursday was not such a good day. The condensed version of the day:
My new camera stopped working.
The monkey chatter in my head was in overdrive.
My pushbike got stolen. 
And due to the above, I'd tried 3 times to photograph a great patch of bluebells I'd found, but failed each time. First time the camera didn't work. I was pretty determined to photograph the bluebells I went home to get my other camera and the macro lens, but was so distracted by the monkey chatter I ended up going back with the wrong lens. I walked back home to swap lenses and this time ride my bike back, only to discover someone else had helped themselves to my bike. 
So all I have is a couple of iphone photos. 

And if you happen to see my bike...

Saturday was a better day. I headed out with the Canon and the 100mm macro and went to photograph the bluebells. I was planning on going early while the light was nice but I slept in. I was determined to get these bloody photos though so I still went. I found some lovely flowers along the walk there. 

And played around with some shadows.

 This is Melbourne in Spring time, now that Spring has finally decided to reveal itself. It's a wonderful, vibrant, exciting atmosphere.

Lots of people out riding bikes and running. I experimented with a couple of panning shots with the calistemons as background.

This is my contribution to the Zombie walk (held last weekend in Melbourne) and Halloween (this weekend).  The runner looks like a zombie about to eat the cyclist.

I had a bit of a yellow and purple thing goin' on. 

 The peeling paint always creates a great texture.

And the Callistemons are just fabulous at the moment.

But when I finally got to the bluebells, they were all bent over and sad looking. I'd missed them at their prime. I sat on the side of the bike path for a while looking at them to see if I could still create something beautiful, but I just wasn't seeing it.

And then I noticed this little beat up dandelion beside me.

Then I went on a manic shopping spree in the cheap shops in Brunswick buying crafty stuff which I may or may not ever get around to making, and then visited a friend and spent the afternoon digging in her garden and planting flowers. So, no bluebells but still a good day.