Wednesday, August 17, 2016

In the Garden

A whirlwind trip to Melbourne after a hectic week getting the Granny Flat slab happening and today I don't know which way is up. My brain is foggy and fuzzy. I have had one appointment rescheduled this morning and the next not until 1.30pm. There's nothing happening with the building until the Carpenter is free (maybe Friday, probably Monday). So I grab the camera after a shower of rain and go for a walk in my yard.

Not a Granny Flat - Joey the Foreman

After much planning and set backs and delays and decisions, I finally have a slab. 
I've been told by all of the tradies that getting a building out of the ground is the hardest part. I sure as hell hope they're right. 

Since he was a tiny tot, Joey has loved concrete trucks. At 28, they're still one of his favourite things. 

He was jumping up and down and yelling out, "It's here, it's here!" as the concrete truck trundled up the street.
I don't think I've ever seen him so excited. 

He was up early supervising the pump guys while they were setting up.

Lending the concreters a hand. 

He was telling the operator,  "Faster, faster".  

 Gotta keep your strength up with a bowl of weet bix.

Joey did eventually have to leave to supervise another job (go to his training centre) and trust the concreters to do the job without him. 

I have a large pile of dirt to redistribute. 

And a quick photo of the finished product before I rushed out the door at the end of the day to catch a plane to Melbourne.

Not a Granny Flat - Update

 Start of the day.

End of the day.

Not a granny flat - Finally some action

 It's all systems go on the Tuesday. Electrician, plumber, digger in to do their bit. The next day is the concreters in to box up, pest control and then certifier to sign off on it. Thursday is the big pour.
String lines are up. Electrician is on the roof. 

Joey is in charge

Oh shit. Not one water pipe, but two. The electrician drilled into a copper pipe in the wall. The digger broke the main water inlet pipe soon after. Not a good start. 

Pretty exciting to see the pipes going in.

At the end of a very hectic day, it looks a bit like a mass grave. But at least we have something to show!